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Power Sweeping is a very important part of the services we offer, extremely vital service to our communities and the industries we service, however, with equipment and experience to keep streets, construction projects, parking lots and road construction professionally swept comes the understand and experience to handle the additional services that make us stand out above the rest. We utilize roll off containers everyday in our business and can assist in your disposal needs with our years of experience. Asphalt and Pothole repair are simply part of our knowledge. We understand because we study the very structure of the asphalt we maintain, so who better to help when repairs are needed. Catch basins are a vital part of the sweeping process and storm water mitigation, we can help keep these in service. And snow removal is of course something our drivers are ready and experienced for.

When you need a reliable waste collector for your commercial and industrial debris, call Air Sweep, Inc. We handle waste transportation and recycling services for a variety of projects, from smaller size construction jobs to larger industrial operations.

We offer waste container drop off and removal services for containers up to 20 cubic yards in size. In addition, we are also able to provide transportation and disposal services for special types of waste and all work we perform is bonded and insured.

Over time, even the best-poured asphalt pavement ends up with cracks and fissures. At Air Sweep, Inc. our mission is to help you maintain the value of your investment. We offer commercial asphalt and pavement pothole repair, maintenance services and total repair for municipalities, businesses, and property managers.

We help you maintain and protect your lot by providing service when you need it, not just after you acquire enough damage to bring in heavy equipment and large crews.


When commercial construction or street construction impacts the functionality of a Catch Basin, Air Sweep, Inc.  is your Catch Basin Repair specialists.  Complete rebuild to repair services for construction or re-construction projects. We help your project maintain proper storm water mitigation efforts and EPA guidelines for property development. Contact us and let’s take care of your Catch Basin Repair project and keep your project on schedule.

Our salt trucks are equipped to handle snow plow services to make your lots accessible again.  You can have confidence in our drivers’ abilities to move snow and service your lot because these are the same drivers that sweep your lot, affording them the knowledge of where your curbs and islands are. 

We welcome the opportunity to bid on work for property management companies.

Sturbridge, MA

Power Sweeping & Maintenance Services

We offer a wide spectrum of power sweeping and related maintenance services in the Sturbridge, Massachusetts area.