Asphalt Repair

Pothole Repair

Air Sweep, Inc. provides fast, professional pothole repair services utilizing the latest in bonding pothole techniques. Our state of the art pothole repair process creates a strong seamless bond between the surrounding surface and repair establishing an enduring fix that seals moisture stopping the cycle of deterioration.

We help you maintain and protect your lot by providing service when you need it, not just after you acquire enough damage to bring in heavy equipment and large crews.

With our approach to pothole repair, we efficiently service minor repairs that most asphalt paving companies would simply lose money on. By helping you maintain your lot before damage spreads, we save you money and add years to the life of your asphalt.


When it comes to the services you expect from us, we are always dependable. Whether you schedule us for weekly or monthly services, count on us to take care of your milling job on the other side of the state or have emergency snow service.  We have the equipment, the staff and the years of experience to always deliver the promises we make.  When it comes to a task that is important to your business, call on a company that you can count on.  Call on Air Sweep, Inc.

Southampton, MA

Power Sweeping & Maintenance Services

We offer a wide spectrum of power sweeping and related maintenance services in the Southampton, Massachusetts area.